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Supermunk - Victor Hotel  ( G-BAVH )

The Chipmunk was developed just after WWII to replace the Tiger Moth as a basic trainer, for the armed forces. Powered by an uprated version of the 146hp Gypsy Major engine used in the Tiger Moth, its all metal construction makes it a rugged and reliable trainer. It has excellent handling charactoristics and is much liked by everyone who is lucky enough to fly it. The onset of Jet propulsion meant that the armed forces moved to other training aircraft and the Chipmunk was fully retired in 1996.

Victor Hotel was originally built in 1953 but has recently been completely rebuilt. The Gypsy Major engine has been replaced with a more powerful and more modern Lycoming 0-360-A4A 180hp engine. This gives a much better rate of climb and it can tow most competition gliders whether full of water or not. Chipmunks with the Lycoming engine are known as "Supermunks" for obvious reasons.
PA-25 Pawnee - Uniform Golf ( G-CTUG )

The PA-25 Pawnee was designed by Fred Weick as a rugged, easy to maintain agricultural aircraft. The Pawnee is a single-engined low-wing monoplane constructed of steel tubing and covered with fabric. The emphasis of this design was on pilot safety with the fuselage structure designed to collapse progressively during a low speed crash, typically experienced during crop spraying operations
Zulu Zulu is currently being restored
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