Links to Other Useful Pages
Gliding Links

The British Gliding Association. UK gliding governing body, Lots of information here including a complete list of other gliding clubs.

Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club. Well laid out site with lots of useful information. The club news sheet is posted regularly and makes a good read.

Glider Pilot Nework. A good site if you are looking to buy or sell anything related to gliding, you can also get a free email address with Lots of links to other useful sites.

Index Of Sailplanes. An online list of just about every glider made since gliding began. Very useful if you want to compare performance and dimensions of gliders.

Soaring Society Of America. - Used to be a very good site with lots of articles about test flying gliders. Has been re-organised recently and doesn't seem quite so good. Check it out and make up your own mind.
Weather Links

Black Jacks Home Page. No longer providing a gliding forecast but has lots of links to other sites where you can get gliding related weather information.

Met Office Home Page. - Provides a useful three day summary for the U.K. Also provides a somewhat sketchy outlook for individual regions.

Local Weather Stations. - A clickable map showing you the independent Automatic Weather Stations in the UK. Some of the sites are not working all the time but you should be able to get a feel for what's happening across the country.

Gosport Weather Station. - Real time data from Gosport.

Find a Fishing Boat. Doesn't sound much use to pilots but this site has very good synoptic charts and forecast charts up to 120 hours ahead.

Wind Map of UK. - Site that gives an up-to-date wind map across the UK with strength and direction also includes pressure, temperature and dew point and even a movie of the last 24 hours wind.
Other Links

The Daedalus Virtual Aviation Heritage website. - A web-site all about the present day flying and the history of HMS Daedalus, the former Fleet Air Arm and RAF Headquarters at Lee-on-the-Solent. There's a lot of information here, well worth a browse.
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