Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre - Week long Gliding Courses

PNGC have provided week long gliding courses for many years. Though these are primarily aimed at students and officer cadets, spare places are often available to other club members and the general public. The week long course provides a concentrated learning experience where the students can devote themselves to flying with minimum distraction. They quickly gain the skills needed to pilot a glider and a substantial number fly solo by the end of the week.

We find however that there are other benefits for the students than just learning to fly. They are expected to work together as a team and to take responsibilty for their own and other team members safety. As the week progresses they are expected to maintain records of their flying and to take some responsibility for the safety of their team gider. For many of them it's their first experience of being away from home among strangers and we find that they finish the week with a real air of achievment.
Students on one of our  Course

The courses consist of 20 aerotows to 2,000 feet with a maximum of four students and two instructors to a glider. We hold three courses a year, the first starts on the Easter weekend , the second is in early July and the third in the middle of August.
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