The Club Glider Fleet
Like most Gliding Clubs, PNGC own a range of two seater and single seater gliders for members and visitors to fly.
ASK21 - Two Seater

Our main 2 seater training glider is the ASK21 or K21 as it is more often known. It is an all fibre glass glider, manufactured by the Schleicher company in Germany and designed by Rudolf Kaiser.

With a wingspan of 17 Metres and a glide ratio slightly in excess of 35:1 it is very docile aircraft despite it's performance and very suitable for the novice pilot. In the right hands however it is fully aerobatic and capable of long cross country flights. We have three K21 in the gliding club, November 3, November 7 and Lima Papa Victor
Duo Discus - Two Seater
We have a high performance 2 seat glider which is used for cross country training, and for competition flying, ours has the registration G-CKPE and call sign KPE.

The Duo Discus is manufactured by Schempp-Hirth, has a glide ratio of 45:1 and a wing span of 20m.
Discus-CS - Single Seater
The Discus is our newest single seater, with a wing span of 15 Metres and a glide ratio of 43:1 it is a top class competition glider with retractable undercarriage and the ability to carry water balast in the wings.

Designed around 1984 by Klaus Holigas and built by the Schempp-Hirth company in Germany the Discus is a very popular glider with pilots all over the world. Ours gets lots of use at competitions and for cross country badge flights and has the registration 805.
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