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Ahead of next Monday’s Board meeting of PNGC Trustees, an offer has now received from Fareham Council for our consideration. It comprises rough and boggy scrub land behind the Coastguard hangar, probably unusable for storing aircraft and for a price that represents the full total reserve capacity of the club. No hangar offer has been made after our plans for utilising part of Bellman 4 hangar were suddenly withdrawn and an eviction order issued.
Photos are
here and the FBC offer is here. PNGC’s response is here.

In addition to these charges, the RCA airside operating / landing fees need to be found as well and remain at about four times those of last year.

We have asked for replies from FBC Chief Finance Officer and Director, Mr Andrew Wannell, about PNGC’s earlier financial offer in context of full disclosure of our independent audit results; and from RCA Director, Mr Clive Coleman, about the scope for lifting at least some of the winching restrictions out of airfield operating hours. Neither have yet replied, but we will advise if they do.

17th April 2018 Update on PNGC’s future at Solent Airport Daedalus

The most recent meeting held between leaders of PNGC and airfield owners Fareham Borough Council was constructive and resulted in the following jointly agreed statement being released:  
A meeting took place between Captain David Durston, Executive Chairman of the Board of Trustee Directors for Portsmouth Naval Gliding Centre (PNGC) and Councillor Seán Woodward, Executive Leader of Fareham Borough Council.  Both agreed to continue to work closely together to explore avenues for PNGC to remain at Solent Airport at Daedalus in a way that works both for PNGC as a registered charity and for the Council as landowner seeking to create a sustainable airfield.

PNGC Trustees will decide on 30 Apr 18, based on specific information being provided by Fareham Borough Council and Daedalus airfield managers, Regional and City Airports Ltd, whether or not it is feasible for PNGC to continue operating at Solent Airport Daedalus after 31 May 18.

About PNGC

Members and visitors alike all love it here as sharing something unique for the community, heritage, military links and the spectacular views, just as the many thousands of people before from this area who have flown and trained with us since the dawn of aviation itself. We are keen to stay and to contribute to the airfield’s developing success, and are very grateful for the massive voice of public support.

PNGC has thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many people from the area, and helping many hundreds of young people on their way into successful aviation careers for generations. Although the assets are from Royal Navy charities; and its Trustees (Registered Armed Forces Charity No
1148381 ) are mainly serving military officers to ensure foremost that military efficiency is served, PNGC is an open, welcoming and friendly club that welcomes new members from the civilian community as well.

Many of our members, instructors and supporters started out in gliding and went on to become successful military and civilian pilots. They never forget where their opportunities came from and now try to ‘put something back’ for the next generation by giving their own time and offering a helping hand into their own many and various areas of the aviation industry. 

There is a rapidly emerging shortage of both military and civil pilots in the next generation, and never has there been a better time for what PNGC provides. We offer affordable and well-recognised routes into many different aviation career streams for people of all backgrounds and means. We link with charities to fund training places through many organisations with which we have built enduring relationships over the years.

We are a formally approved and monitored gliding training centre; our safety is regulated under strict aviation laws and, with suitable training and supervision from here, people can fly on their own as young as 14 years of age. We believe this to be a fantastic, exciting and rewarding development opportunity that we strive to make affordable for all. We do welcome all age groups as well, and can offer trial flights to get started, or to mark a special occasion for yourself, or somebody special, or just because you might like to see this incredible coastal area from the skies and enjoy the silence of unpowered flight.

No decisions have yet been taken about our future at Daedalus, except that winch launching has been suspended, including for our popular Trial Flights. Consequently, we are making contingency plans for flying any remaining pre-paid Trial Flights by detaching a small number of aircraft and instructors for a limited period to Lasham, near Basingstoke.

Regrettably, we feel unable to take new bookings after the end of May, but expressions of interest and contact requests can be left with our bookings secretary (
07403 805 805). If you are already a voucher holder, or wish to discuss future options, please get in touch on the same number to make suitable arrangements that best suit.

For those wishing to know more about PNGC opportunities, or to voice support for PNGC to stay at Daedalus, please follow the link. Comments are taken note of as well. Look out, too, for the short video made by a Junior member. Us older ones think it’s rather good.

Alternatively, you are welcome to email us by clicking here.

Thank you for your interest

If you would like to show your support for keeping the gliding club at Lee on the Solent, please add your name with any comments by clicking on the following link

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